Saturday, April 18, 2009

Virginia Tech

Alicyn Ames
Virginia Tech
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Today marks the second anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings.

Katelyn Carney and Derek O’Dell, two survivors, join over four thousand people, running the
3.2-mile race, in honor of the 32 people killed, by student Seung Hui-Cho.

The last two victims' families sued the state over the killings instead of agreeing to an eleven million-dollar settlement.

The event began by releasing thirty-two white balloons, followed by hundreds of the school colors, maroon and orange, while chanting "Let's Go, Hokies."


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  1. Good job on this one, as well. You might start with the race, since there's more action in that than in marking the anniversary, though.

    Might also say the last two victims' families "are suing" to keep that present tense in your story.

    Last sentence is a little confusing: "followed by hundreds of the school colors." I think you mean balloons, but it's not 100% clear.