Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fire Chief

Alicyn Ames
Fire Chief
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Officials say Volunteer Fire Chief Charles “Buck” Clough Jr. of Sudlersville is dead after his car slammed into a tree Wednesday night while driving to put out a small appliance fire.

Spokesman for Queen Anne’s County emergency management office says 41-year-old Clough volunteered for 26 years.

Judy Leonard, co-owner of Parkside Deli says –quote –"Everyone just thought the world of him. He was a great father and really involved in the community… We're just all pretty tore up about it.”


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  1. Nice job of keeping this in present tense. YOu probably can cut "Officials say" at the beginning of your lead; it'll still be in present tense because you write that Clough "is dead." I like how you fit a quotation in here, too. And you started with the attribution, as it should be in broadcast.